The APT Manifesto

(a snapshot of our city; the intersection where the event will be held)1961001_10151906172640718_873982946_o

Our vision for “A Palpable Thrill: An Introduction to the Medical Humanities” is to create an initiative that will:

  • Passionately promote anti-oppressive practice
  • Encourage reciprocity between healthcare and the humanities to create a continuum between thinking and action
  • Conceptualize MedHum as not just an exercise, but something to be consistently and profoundly embodied
  • Connect people at all stages of research and training: students, scholars, teachers
  • Understand healthcare through many identifying lenses: patient, healer, learner, doctor, midwife, and more.
  • Determinedly make space for lived experience
  • Engage artists, musicians, and writers (both professional and otherwise) to broaden the scope of medical and academic knowledge
  • Develop a community that will continue to grow and thrive through, after, and as a result of this conference and coffee house
  • Regularly reach out to and draw from the Hamilton community; share local food, coffee, art, and culture

*This is a manifesto in flux. It is open to our community for collaborative edits and re-writes.





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